Meet Nanoblock - the original mini-block from Japan!
A revolutionary invention from Japan that drove the world crazy, crossed continents and came to us!
A kit for assembling tiny models using colorful miniature blocks - the smallest mini block measuring 4 mm! Thanks to the miniature parts, you can invest in the small details and be precise in assembling each model.
Make big dreams come true - in a small way!
Nanoblock includes many and varied series to assemble - buildings, cars, animals, musical instruments, spaceships, historical sites, advanced series and more! Anyone can assemble the model that suits them, complete series of items and become a professional as a real nanoblock collector!
Fun, challenging and addictive - the nanoblock is also a hobby, a creation, and a collectible!
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What is a nanoblock ?
Kits for assembling tiny models using colored miniature blocks of different sizes.
There are diverse model series from different content worlds, where each kit includes precise and clear assembly instructions and mini-blocks needed to complete the model. The different model series and models are updated frequently, so there is always a new and interesting model to build!
The nanoblock is suitable for boys, girls, children (over the age of 8+) and adults.
The degree of difficulty depends on the type of model and is indicated by the packaging.
The duration of the assembly time - about an hour, depending on the degree of difficulty of the selected model.
Nanoblock has particularly challenging series for the advanced and premium series, which include more complex models that require skill and professionalism, which are acquired the more you persevere in assembling the Nanoblock models.
Many of the professionals are also leading nanoblock collectors, who have entire series of models that they have assembled with their own hands and are now displayed as decorative items to glory.

Why is the nanoblock so powerful ?
The nanoblock is a hobby that is all one big fun - that is, small! Create buildings, assemble cars, create tiny animals and build beautiful musical instruments - all in miniatures! The smaller the model, the greater the challenge. The nanoblock is a real creative time, combining precision in details with a developed imagination. And above all - a continuous time of pleasure. Start with your first model and you won't want to stop!

How did it all start ?
The Nanoblock is a revolutionary invention born in Japan, conceived by the Kawada company, the toy giant founded in Tokyo in 1952. Kawada aims to convey the magic and innocence inherent in hobbies and toys, not only to children, but to people of all ages and generations.
Nanoblock - the first miniature block, launched in 2008, since then the brand has won competitions and awards
Many, including the "Award of Excellence" in the 2010 Japan Toy Awards competition, first place in the competition
The Toy Awards in Japan in 2011, nominations in the "Toy of the Year" competition in the USA in 2012 and more.
From 2012 Nanoblock was sold in 31 countries in the world and became a resounding success.

How is the nanoblock different from other assembly products ?
The Nanoblock is the original miniature block from Japan. The assembly kits and the various models are original and authorized designs of the manufacturing company - KAWADA.
In Japan as in Japan, quality is not compromised. The nanoblock is made of higher quality and more environmentally friendly materials. The mini blocks are made of ABS plastic and painted with paint containing soy ink, which gives the miniature particles their bright color, and more importantly - better for the environment. In addition, the nanoblock is packed in the smallest packages that can be produced, the exact place to contain the miniature particles, without a single unnecessary millimeter.
In order to succeed in the assembly task and meet the challenge of building the various models, you must follow the instructions and be precise in the details. In every Nanoblock kit you will find very clear assembly instructions, which shorten the assembly time and add to the time of enjoyment!
Love to improvise and add changes? No problem! That's exactly why in every nanoblock package there are mini spare blocks for your use! The spares are great not only for making changes, but also in case one or two blocks slip and disappear!

Who is the nanoblock intended for ?
The nanoblock is suitable for children over the age of 8 and adults - anyone who enjoys cracking challenges, interesting assembly games, building models and investing in the small details will find the nanoblock assembly kits a particularly creative and fun hobby, excellent as a gift, collector's item and display on the desktop!

What mounting kits does Nanoblock have ?
There is a wide variety of nanoblock kits, which includes entire series from different and interesting worlds -
Animals, musical instruments, cars, historical sites, buildings, spaceships, advanced series and more.
The selection of models is large and varied, so that everyone has more than one model they can be interested in, or a series they would like to complete.
The series of models and assembly kits are updated and renewed frequently - there is always a new model to discover!
There are 3 collections to choose from -
Mini collection
Sights to See
Advanced Hobby series

How do you assemble the nanoblock ?
Have you chosen the nanoblock you want to assemble? excellent. Each kit has very clear and precise assembly instructions waiting for you to complete the model. Follow the instructions, step by step, be precise in the small details - and the road is paved. Successfully!

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