In the heart of  Tel Aviv there are small colorful boutiques, a kind of space-time machine that transports its visitors to a distant place called Tokyo.

Step in to this transporter and forget your daily troubles and conundrums;  indulge in a few sacred moments with the carefree child in you. Set her free to touch, explore and hold that which makes her heart sing – perfect little Japanese goods, of course!
With lively Japanese designs and something for all ages, Shoppu is a place for the young at heart who love be inspired, for those who love to give and receive special gifts and for others who love the quality and aesthetics of Japan. In its modest 15msq space, it’s hard to believe that this Zakka shop (Japanese for “everyday quality goods and gifts”) exhibits all of its 1500 items, including glassware, bags, collectables, crafting kits, dolls, cushions and more, standing up to its often referred to nickname as a “candy land” for adults and kids alike. For all those who love to write, create and imagine, Shoppu has a fun stationery department with hundreds of products just waiting to be turned into your next great masterpiece.
Shoppu is a family-owned business that is run by two in laws – Rony Bitan, an Architect / Designer (“the visionary”) and Ron Darel, a long time importer/ distributor of lifestyle goods (“the guy that makes the vision happen”) Together, the two pooled their skills and resources and jumped into the waters with their first and most beloved brand – Shinzi Katoh. Soon after, they had established a following and as time passed, added more bands and fun stuff from Japan. In 2013, the two had opened the boutique Shoppu, creating a place of, and for, the imagination, inspiration and spirit of the heart.
Today, Shoppu is home to current and crazy trends of the vibrant city of Tokyo, with all its weirdness, coolness and Zen wrapped into one:
Starting with the nostalgic and narrative pieces by the artist Shinzi Katoh, to the tiny collectable Sonny Angel babies that “bring you happiness”, to cool gadgets and fun night lights and gimmicks from Dreams and Spice. From thermal bottles and a stylish lunch out of the house with Mosh and Takenaka, to the socks on your feet with shoes and without with our newest brand, Stream. Ranging from  colorful stationery and desktop items from Hightide and Mark’s Tokyo Edge, to exceptional high-end notebooks, wrapping paraphernalia and desk-top goods from the well-known Midori brand, Shoppu answers all of your stationery needs. From the extra-large, extra soft, highly addictive Craftholic cushions and accessories, to the tiniest building blocks in the world by Nanoblock and pipe robot kits from Piperoid, Shoppu offers a wide range of quality gifts and playthings for the kid in all of us.
Each year Shoppu adds new brands and products that feed the “I’m addicted to cool stuff from Japan” beast in most of us. Today Shoppu holds exclusive rights of distribution with over 10 Japanese brands and growing strong.
In a world where digital is taking over, take a break at Shoppu for a quick visit to Tokyo, and to a time before Apple and Android, and treat yourself to something that makes your heart sing.

Our brands from Japan: